Friday, December 2, 2011

The End is Here

IL: 5.19
NEI: 1.03
VASCO: 7.87

Well, this is it. The last historical price has been recorded and I think my NEI stock line says it best -- I flatlined. Literally, NEI flatlined the 3 months of this experiment and IL took a hit a month ago being downgraded and never recovered. Surprisingly, VASCO, the company that endured the most trials the past few months not only survived buy posted the only gain in my stock portfolio.

As with most of this quarter, there was no real news in the industry. It's a newer industry and while there are a few giants, most of these companies represent the future of this industry. Longitudinally, it would be interesting to see where these three stocks are in the next few years. The real impact over the past few months was the turmoil in Greece, Italy, and some other European countries that hit the markets hard.

Signing off...

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