Friday, December 2, 2011

The End is Here

IL: 5.19
NEI: 1.03
VASCO: 7.87

Well, this is it. The last historical price has been recorded and I think my NEI stock line says it best -- I flatlined. Literally, NEI flatlined the 3 months of this experiment and IL took a hit a month ago being downgraded and never recovered. Surprisingly, VASCO, the company that endured the most trials the past few months not only survived buy posted the only gain in my stock portfolio.

As with most of this quarter, there was no real news in the industry. It's a newer industry and while there are a few giants, most of these companies represent the future of this industry. Longitudinally, it would be interesting to see where these three stocks are in the next few years. The real impact over the past few months was the turmoil in Greece, Italy, and some other European countries that hit the markets hard.

Signing off...

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Looking to End on a High Note

Well, with only a few days left until the end of this blog, the industry is starting to move up again (probably because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday). In fact, all three of my stocks closed on the industry's top earning board today. Unfortunately, there just really is no new industry news. The only tidbit was that Symantec Corporation, which is known for its Norton security products, was upgraded from "hold" to "buy" by Standpoint Research.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Block Heads in the Concrete Jungle

11/25/2011 Closing Prices
IL: 5.19
NEI: 1.01
VASCO: 7.13

The markets continued to take a hit Friday and there is no new news in the industry. Instead, I'd like to share my trip to Wall Street last Friday. I could not leave New York City without jaunt to the New York Stock Exchange and to see all the Occupy protestors. I give these people credit because, while I think they are insane and I would much rather spend Black Friday running up and down 5th Avenue buying everything in site - which I did anyhow, these protestors stay day and night.

So, I asked a young man, "So why are you here?"
Him:  "Because I am one of the 99%."
Me: "And what does the 99% mean?"
Him: "We are the workers, we pay the taxes, they keep getting richer and I am sick of it."
Me: "How old are you?"
Him: "21".
Me: "So at 21 you believe you should have the best of everything handed to you before you have a chance to go out and earn your fortune?"
Him: **blank stare**
Me: "Have you looked to see how many the 1% in this country employ?"
Him: **starting to look mad, but still speechless**
Me: "Thanks for your time and good luck." My daughter was looking uncomfortable so it was time to go before I was stoned to death and strung up.

And that brief conversation was all I needed to know about the majority of these Occupy kids.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkeys Hit Wall Street Early (Wednesday Post)

Well, I have the supreme fun of actually being on Wall Street today in New York City. We saw the protestors outside the New York Stock Exchange in literally the freezing rain -- just sitting there. At least they could have provided us with a show!

Unfortunately, the markets took a hit today as they have done for over the past week. The S&P has lost 7% of its value over the same amount of time. The Europeans and Chinese have investors fretting and the result is no one is buying. In addition to all the recent crises, now fears over Germany's economy are a present concern because of disastrous bond sales on Wednesday.

Monday, November 21, 2011

ManTech Hopes "Silva" Strikes Gold

ManTech announced today that Ken Silva was named as Senior Vice President for Cyber Strategy for the Mission, Cyber and Technology Solutions (MCTS) group. Silva will develop and implement the company's cyber strategy across markets and technologies. He is a recognized leader in the cyber community being named to Info World's Top 25 CTOs. Previously, he was Senior Executive Adviser for Cyber Technologies at Booz Allen Hamilton; spent a decade at VeriSign, and was a technical director at the National Security Agency for another nine years. His involvement in the cyber community is extensive serving on the board of directors of the Information Technology Information Sharing and Analysis Center; chairman of the Internet Security Alliance; and a member of National Reliability and Interoperability Commission, the National Stability Telecommunications Advisory Committee, and the Enduring Security Framework Operations Committee.

It is unclear how the news is received by investors as the entire industry is down today, as of this posting ManTech stock was down just a few pennies.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Politics and Markets Like Italian Dressing

IL: 5.66
NEI: 1.04
VASCO: 8.04

The more I study this blog, the more I see that political crises really have a way of messing up the markets. The implications are even worse. Greece goes into crisis or Italy and Spain over borrow and investors across the board panic. It just goes to show that politics and the markets are like oil and vinegar - they don't mix.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

IntraLinks Making a Liar of Me

I seem to recall last week taking a pot shot at the company in my "Broken Links" posting. Well, despite the gloom and doom predictions, the company managed to post a third quarter profit that has investors excited. As of the time of this posting, with an hour left to trade, IL is the industry's big leader of the day up nearly 6%. There is hope for my stock portfolio yet; IL is my Sea Biscuit.

In other industry news, VASCO continues to push forward from its setback last quarter to continue posting gains. Sourcefire also made the news posting record gains in the third quarter. On a side note, I had occasion to work with a Sourcefire forensic tool last week - Snort - and the company definitely is a leader in this area.